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So... What Is the Love Actually Academy?

#facts: Dating can be such a hot mess. But you deserve to feel good and have fun in the process — because you are worthy of good things. You are worthy of someone who treats you well. You are worthy of love.

If your dating life has been one horror story after another (Ghosting! Epic breakups! Communication breakdown! SO MUCH GHOSTING!), it’s time to get really clear about who you are and what you want. Because here’s the thing: Until you know that, you’ll never get off the treadmill.

In Love Actually Academy, you’ll learn how to date with purpose and confidence by going straight to the source: Your unique, beautiful heart. Once you learn how to step into your power, you’ll become so magnetic that you’ll attract whatever (and, hello, whoever) you desire. Everything will finally fall into place.

You’ve got this. And I’ve got you.

The dating program that actually works

If your dating life feels hellish, it’s time for a truth bomb: What you’re doing isn’t working. No shame, babe. It’s not your fault. You’ve been taught to focus on the wrong thing. Most dating programs put the spotlight on the person you’re dating. We’re not playing that game here.

In Love Actually Academy, you’ll learn how to get super real with yourself. You’ll learn exactly which self-inquiry questions you need to explore. You’ll learn how they’re relevant to attracting and keeping a partner that deserves you. You’ll learn about the three purposes of dating — and you’ll learn which one you actually want. You’ll learn how to pinpoint (and stop!) the behaviors that are keeping you single and confused. You’ll learn how to maintain a healthy relationship once you find your match. And you can do it all in your fave sweatpants, on your laptop. (Priorities, people!)

When you make the investment to join Love Actually Academy, you’ll immediately receive access to the full library of Laurel’s instructional videos. The course is broken up into three modules, each one consisting of 10-20 short videos that present a crucial learning moment. Watch them on your own time, and go back to review as many times as you need — when you become a part of LAA, you’re a member for life. There is no expiration date, no “must use by” date on these lessons.

The lessons are presented in a cumulative order: Connect, Catch, and Continue. Learn how to focus on your badass self and what you want, attract the match you deserve, then learn how to maintain the love you find and communicate for real.

The full course takes time to complete, but don’t worry — you can do it all on your own time.

Total investment: $197. You. Are. Worth. Every. Penny.


“You can’t figure out who is best for you if you don’t know
who you are first.”


“You aren’t looking for perfection… but you are looking for a whole person.”


“You attract how you act.”

SWEET Success

Who is Laurel House?

Hi Beautiful! Hello Handsome!
I am a Dating and Relationship Expert, Positive Psychology Coach, host of Man Whisperer podcast, and 5x published author, my most recent book is “Screwing the Rules; the No-Games Guide to Love.” I was a Celebrity Dating Coach on the show “Famously Single” on the E! Television Network and I’ve been a featured expert in over 500 news outlets including Nightline, Today Show, KTLA, FOX, NBC, and ABC morning news, and quoted in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Thrillist, Self Magazine, BravoTV online, Woman’s Day, AskMen, Glamour, and Readers Digest. AND as they said on Good Morning America, I am the “Expert in All Things Relationships.”


What You'll Get:


  • 3 modules
  • 10-20 short, fun videos in each module

Sign up and get immediate access to the three modules: connect, catch, and continue. Each module contains 10-20 video lessons that you can watch on your own time.

The cumulative order of the lessons is designed to help you discover, define, or reclaim yourself. With each video, you’ll gain confidence in your needs, understand your unique means of communication, get your power back, find your swagger and sexiness, and (most important!) truly SHOW UP as your best, most authentic self. The self that makes people fall in love.


  • 90+ interactive pages, digital workbook

The workbook is filled with expanded strategies, exercises, and opportunities to go deeper into your own experiences. It helps you figure out how to live these lessons IRL. It’s a way to guarantee you don’t just learn the secrets — you live them. When taken with the video modules, this is your ultimate guide to become a Love Actually Academy graduate.


  • Check out the box to the right for literally everything you’ll get when you sign up.

I love to hear you ask for what you deserve. Here’s a look at all of the goods you’ll get when you register:

Love Actually Academy

$ 197 Paid-in-full
  • An entire extra video module of bonus lessons
  • How to know if it’s time to breakup (and how to do it gracefully)
  • How to get over your ex for real
  • How to get that ex back (attn: use with caution! 🚨)
  • Date ideas that haven’t been done a zillion times before
  • How to navigate texting and dating (because there is nothing more stressful than those three gray dots…)
  • The 16 types you must date before getting hitched… aaaand which one is best for you
  • The red flag behaviors you’re falling for — and exhibiting.


So what if it doesn’t work for you? Straight up: You can get your money back, no questions asked.

But honestly? Over 600 clients have gone through this program with life-shaking, earth-quaking success. The few who weren’t feeling it admitted a hard truth: It didn’t work for them because they weren’t all in. Changing your dating life requires changing so much more than your Tinder profile pic.
If you do the work, the Love Actually Academy will work for you.

It’s time to take a deep breath and dive in.

By the end of this course, you will finally be able to exhale deep joy, trust, and true excitement.

No fear about the other shoe dropping. No walking on eggshells. No more holding your breath. Your confidence will come from your certainty about who you are, what you need, and what you’re worth.

You’ll feel like you’re wielding some epic power. Because you are.

Use it wisely, babe.

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